CAMAGÜEY. The improvements in the quality of the mobile telephony service will soon cease to be a utopia for the people of Camagüey. With the installation of 30 new base stations, of which 28 are destined for the provincial capital, congestion will decrease, which, at certain times of day, produces the multiple accesses that users make to the Etecsa network. At the same time, coverage will be improved in the most distant points of the city, this as part of the program of expansion of the technological infrastructure that supports the Computerization of the Company.

This was announced by Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, head of the Ministry of Communications, during the Government Visit held on June 12 and 13 in the province, who was also interested in the growth of digital television coverage.
In January, Perdomo Di-Lella explained in an interview to that one of the priorities for 2019 was to continue developing the infrastructure. "It is the one that allows increasing access to telecommunications services; however, such perspectives will be in correspondence with the possibilities of the economic plan of the country. We will expand the capabilities of mobile telephony, digital signal coverage, as well as market the possibilities that the fixed infrastructure still has ".

At present more than 230,000 Camagüey´s inhabitants have Internet access and 350,000 have mobile lines. It is also planned to increase computerization in the educational sector with the Internet connection of 100 schools in the territory before the start of the new 2019-2020 academic year.

During his visit, the minister exchanged information about cultural paradigms and the Internet, the training they receive, their insertion in local projects and the defense of national values ​​in cyberspace, with students and computer teachers from the Máximo Gómez Joint Center.