CAMAGÜEY.- "In the land where Major Ignacio Agramonte was born, material resources may be lacking, but moral resources and dignity will never be lacking." With such certainty, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, president of the Councils of State and of Ministers, concluded the summary of the two days of work of his Government team in this province.

The government visit that exchanged with students, workers and residents of all the municipalities appreciated the work of the Camagüey’s inhabitants in important economic and social programs, reviewed the actions oriented in the previous check-up, pointed out the areas with the greatest difficulties and identified experiences to be socialized in other territories of the country.

The President insisted that this is not a visit from him, but the work agenda of the Council of Ministers, of all the agencies. In correspondence with this, several ministers, vice-ministers and presidents or representatives of business groups reported the results of their inspections.

Regarding the two previous indications pending, referred to the guarantee of wheatflour with margin of coverage to not stop producing bread and other lines, and the increase of the quantities of asphalt mixture for the arrangement of roads, the persons responsible for the ministries were accountable of the Food and Construction Industry. The necessary follow-up to these issues and the search for alternatives was insisted.

Among the highlights of the summary meeting stand out the announcements of the allocation of a Diana bus for the transport of the municipality of Santa Cruz del Sur and 10 moto-taxis destined to the city of Camagüey; of the improvement of the mobile telephony service with the arrival of 30 radio bases to be installed soon -28 of them in the provincial capital-; of the connection to the network of networks of 100 educational centers before starting the school year 2019-2020, and of the opening of the careers of Chemistry, Electrical and Mechanics engineering in Nuevitas.

In that same territory, the Chemical Company Revolution of October, known as Fertilizantes, needs national support for the recovery of its productions, so necessary for the substitution of imports. Díaz-Canel aimed to analyze the possibilities of financing the acquisition of raw materials and adjust payment systems so as not to harm workers who continue to work in other areas of great social demand.

He urged, with the experiences of his journey, to follow up on obtaining peanuts in Santa Cruz del Sur; improve the care program for the infertile couple; to incorporate students and professors of the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte to the assembly of the poultry ship of modern technology located on the outskirts of the capital city to guarantee the updating of their knowledge and research; and banish the bureaucracy, the obstacles and the lack of attention of the Housing program, in which there are no good results because there are still delays in the execution, in the documentation, in the delivery of the habitable certification and other ills that denote little follow-up.

It is necessary to advance more, it was said, in the recovery of railway workshops that guarantee locomotives for almost the whole country; in the sowing of agricultural products, with a deficit of more than 2 000 hectares in the so-called productive poles, especially of the very depressed cassava and eddo, for the latter seeds from Artemisa and Mayabeque will be guaranteed.

Other recommendations of the vice presidents of the Council of Ministers and managers were related to the increase of rigor in the control of fuel; of the sales to the population of the productions of the Food Industry; of the link of Commerce with the related specialty of medium technician; of the enrollment of the Pedagogical School and the retention of its students until graduating to alleviate the teacher deficit; and shorten the terms of execution of the Aqueduct and Sewage Company of Guáimaro.

Miguel Díaz-Canel distinguished as "powerful and mature", with an admirable insertion and connection with his society, to the University of Camagüey, where the will to develop a Technological Park is consolidated, and praised the continuity of the program of resuscitation of centers for the service to the population, with emphasis on recreation.

After explaining the complexities of the current situation in Cuba, with a resurgence of the US blockade against Cuba, expressed in the increase of extraterritorial measures and financial sanctions, and a first semester of 2019 marked by the shortage of products of first necessity and of economic line due to the unavailability of timely financing, the instability of the processing industries and the concentration of the procurement of pork in the non-state sector, with an import-mentality of the feed, the President called for a more appropriate government management .

This will demand a greater connection with the people and their opinions, less inertia and shoddiness; continue to strengthen the state company, that the productive chain is thought and planned and not a fashion slogan; that is, to understand with responsibility the current situation, and to act in correspondence, with thought and sensitivity, to defend within the concept of resistance the idea of ​​development and the conviction of victory.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez