SANTA CRUZ DEL SUR, CAMAGÜEY.- An investment program designed to increase yields per hectare and to increase in exportable funds is progressing in the basic business unit of shrimp culture.

During the official visit of the president of the Council of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, in October 2018, one of the agenda items included the need to take advantage of the potentialities existing in Santa Cruz del Sur to promote the crustacean.

Among the 130 ponds this establishment has, 21 of them are programmed for a process of improving the constructive state, to increase depth and to lift the slopes.

This tends to a greater volume of water and to add more animals per cubic meter —from 1 to 10— using aerators technology that enhances the oxygen capacity.

Orlando Jiménez Valdés, national director of the Shrimp Culture Company, said that if the investment is completed, it would result in an increase ranging from 1000 and 1200 tons of the product.

This fishing platform was visited by Fidel Castro on March 10th 1987 and predicted a bright future.


Translated by Keila Novoa Ricardo