Footwear and saddlery works-belts, wallets and backpacks- among other accessories, those will be the most representative ones on this occasion. Photo: Leandro Pérez Pérez/Adelante

CAMAGÜEY.- With the name of Art for Dad, it is the second year in a row in which the local subsidiary of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets will take place in this city, from June 8th until June 14th, a craft fair to celebrate Fathers' Day.

Due to the people's reaction, products from locals creators and guests provinces like Havana, Cienfuegos, Sancti Spíritus and Las Tunas will be commercialized once again.

On this occasion, the activity will take place in the recently reopened bookshop Mariana Grajales located on the central República Street. This is part of the cooperation project between this territory's mentioned institution and the Provincial Book Center.

Beatriz Ochoa Pupo, specialist in Development and Communication from the provincial subsidiary of the FCBC, explained Cuban News Agency that the appointment will be inaugurated with a fashion show, in which textile creations of the Camagüey´s artisans Rebeca Herrera y Ramón Caballero will be exhibited.

Besides, issues four and five of Pauta magazine will be presented. This is a publication about handicraft and design from the FCBC, which shows several journalistic works dedicated to artists from the province.

When this type of Fair has been done in different contexts, like during the anniversary of the town or mothers' day, it has kept an excellent reception by those who visit it. An example is the case of Isora Barrios from Camagüey, who claims that this kind of activity is very useful.

On one hand, it harmonizes the cultural life of the city, she affirmed, and it also eases gift acquisition for those people to give a present on special dates.

The feature that prevails in initiatives of this type is the combination of art and usefulness, the reason why it has its editions throughout the country, contexts in which its artists' work is reflected.

Translated by Keila Novoa Ricardo