CAMAGÜEY.-In order to protect the life of the population and the resources of the economy in the event of adverse weather events, the week of disaster reduction, which concludes with the Meteor 2019 exercise, takes place in Camagüey. Civil defense in Cuba, on May 18th and 19th .

Specialized brigades, forces and means of the territory participate to minimize the impact caused by hurricanes, extreme drought, floods by heavy rains, wildfires and spills of toxic substances.

Tree pruning, unclogging of swallows, veneer of river banks, repair of breakdowns in electrical and telephone networks, in addition to the revision of early warning systems, are the main actions to be developed in the territory .

The week of disaster reduction, which will give way to the exercise Meteor 2019, include the updating plans of evacuation in areas prone to penetrations of the sea, as well as the rescue and salvage of people in villages incommunicado by the flood of rivers, or trapped in collapsed buildings.

The operation of the facilities for the reception of evacuees will also be reviewed, while work will be made in the training of communications between management posts and difficult-to-access communities, which are generally isolated by land.

Practical activities are also envisaged in order to prevent the accidental release of dangerous substances (chemical, biological and radioactive), due to the impact of winds, rains and the sea.

Camagüey, like all Cuba, has achieved in recent decades to consolidate a Civil defense system capable of preserving human life and mitigating material damage by and presence of pests and diseases.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez