CAMAGÜEY. – Due to the integral results in the food production, the ideological work and the internal functioning of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), the provincial capital was selected winner of the emulation for May 17, as announced this morning in press conference Haida Díaz Figueredo, the president of the ANAP in the territory.

Díaz Figueredo highlighted that in the period in which it is evaluated, from March, 2018 until March, 2019, the municipality Camagüey stood out in the results of the food and agriculture sphere. The Camagüey´s peasants stand out with the contribution of 8 million 452.9 liters of milk to the industry; and in this determination the Credit and Services Cooperatives (CCS) Abel Santamaría and José Antonio Echeverría deserve special applauses, because they gathered a million liters of the important food.

As for the production of food, vegetables, grains and fruits, they achieved a 165 % of the commitments. The CCS Renato Guitart stands out in this line because is the only productive unit of the City of The Tinajones inserted in the movement of the 100 thousand quintals of different crops, figure with which it has achieved several consecutive years. This cooperative was recognized recently like leader at national level in the movement of the suburban agriculture.

Although insufficient before the demand of the population, the territory also exceeded the commitments of production of meat of minor and porcine cattle. They also reached 115.6 % of fulfillment in the delivery of bee honey, with 11.93 tons above the plan.

As informed the rural leader, Camagüey stands out also in the development of the plan of activities for the 60th Anniversary of the Law of Agrarian Reform and it showed top results in the work with the women, therefore they deserved the venue of the provincial workshop of the Brigades FMC (Federation of Cuban Women) - ANAP.

The provincial Bureau of the ANAP decided to deliver the condition of Outstanding to the territories of Jimaguayú, Nuevitas, Sierra de Cubitas and Esmeralda, in this order, and to recognize Florida.

The provincial act for May 17, Day of the Peasant in Cuba, is foreseen for the seventh of this month in the Cooperative of Agricultural Production (CPA) Jesús Suárez Gayol.

On May 17, 1959, the Law of Agrarian Reform was promulgated in "La Plata", Sierra Maestra.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez