CAMAGÜEY.- Starting this April 8 began marketing the service Nauta Hogar in the popular councils Lenin-Albaisa and Agramonte-Simoni. Now with the difference that it will be the interested customers who should contact via telephone with the 112 to arrange the appointment specifying the day, time and place of the same. People interested in obtaining more information will be able to call the Nauta Hogar service number: 0 800 43434, option three.

The customer must pay an enabling fee that is paid only once; a monthly fee that depends on the speed of the contract. The available speeds are 1024/256 Kbps ($15.00 CUC), 2048/256 Kbps ($30.00 CUC), 3072/512 Kbps ($50.00 CUC) and 4096/512 Kbps ($70.00 CUC). If you hire the speed of 1024/256 Kbps you can connect the first month free as you will receive a bonus of $15.00 CUC for the first month of hiring.

Those who hire higher speeds will be subsidized with the same amount – $15.00 CUC – and should only pay the difference depending on the speed selected. To use the service you must have a computer available, either PC or Laptop, and is accessed through a Nauta account that will include 30 hours of navigation that are not cumulative.

The link is supported on the telephone pair and this must meet technical conditions that allow the configuration of the contracted speed. It also provides the Nauta access account with domain that is associated with the link, as well as an email account optionally . The Company continues to guarantee the sale of a ADSL modem and accessories for the customer to install the service on their telephone line, supported by a quick installation guide that is facilitated.
Carlos García Sotolongo, Head of the company’s Marketing Group, adds that will gradually incorporate new areas in Camagüey and the rest of the municipalities where the technical conditions that allow the provision of the service are created.

This is part of the strategy of bringing the Internet to Cuban houses carried by the Cuban Telecommunications Company, within the program of Computerization of Cuban society.