CAMAGÜEY.-To reinforce the surveillance and compliance with current legislation and to achieve greater organization and control by Municipal Commissions to reduce the accidents, centered the debate on the Annual Balance of the members of the Commission Provincial Road Safety.

In evaluating the behavior of last year, Major Rafael Torres Molina, head of the Department of Operational Traffic Regulation, reported that in the province occurred 597 accidents, increasing in 57 compared to 2017, with a balance of 647 injured and 64 deceased, and increased involvement in the municipalities of Camagüey, Florida, Sibanicú, Esmeralda and Vertientes.

The main causes of the losses were associated to the movement by the opposite direction, speeding, malfunction in the technical state of the vehicles, excess of passage, driving under the effects of the alcohol, and not to attend to the control and driving direction.

María Victoria Caballero Sánchez, Secretary of the Commission, explained that they work on the road re-arrangement; they monitor the self-employment related to transportation, also reorganize the car, traction vehicles. Also, the regulation was prepared for the provision of cargo and passenger transportation services.

In this context, the presence of loose animals or grazing in the strip of the track has not yet been resolved, and the operatives are not very effective for their collection, while the protection of herds by the owners is deficient.

Armando López Montero, president of road safety in the territory, pointed out that during 2019 constructive actions were carried out to improve the technical state of the streets and roads, including the sealed patching of cracks and the curving of curves for greater visibility, among other activities.

The members of the Road Safety Commission in Camagüey also committed to continue implementing the plan of prevention and confrontation with the accident, to demand greater citizen responsibility and to work in the instrumentation of campaigns of communication that impact in a positive way in the reduction of the claims and their consequences.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez