CÉSPEDES - To contribute to the satisfaction of the demand of vegetables and fresh spices of the local population, by means of the use of agro-ecologic practices, is the target of those who work in the organic plantation “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes”, belonging to the Program of the Urban, Suburban and Familiar Agriculture in Camagüey.

Of the hundreds of parterres with whom the installation is provided, eight are devoted themselves to the cultivation of flowers and the rest to the sowing of lettuce, spinach beet, carrot, bean, beet, and scallion, fundamentally. On its exterior areas, they also plant pumpkin and kimbombó.

Manuel Vargas Doné, manager of the organic plantation said to Adelante.cu that monthly they obtain between three and four tons of products. “These results are possible due to the dedication and the effort of nine workers who work here. They support sown the field the whole year, still in the most warm summer months, what allows the systematical harvest”.

Vargas Doné assured that all his productions are completely ecological since they nourish the soils with compost obtained by the controlled decomposition of residues or vegetable and animal waste, they use the biological control of plagues through pitfalls of smell and of color and they support the cultivation rotation.

The main destinations of his harvests are the social consumption of the infantile circles, special school, general hospital and elderly home, although they also contribute to the local self-sufficiency with the commercialization in the popular fairs that are carried out every Saturday in the municipality Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez