CAMAGÜEY.- The Company of Dairy Products of Camagüey began the production of a new food, very nourishing made of whey, named Miragurt, from the use of the residues of the milk, reported Alexis Gil Pérez, general manager of the entity that annually processes values for approximately 263 million of pesos.

Those who have tasted the Miragurt, widespread experience of one of the technologists of the Granma´s industry, do not notice much difference between this one and the traditional yogurt of flavors.

In two months of production they accumulate 32 tons, and for the current March it is foreseen to triple this number, underlined the manager, who remembered that Pasteurization Factory of Camagüey was the initiator in the territory, continued by the establishments Taíno, of Guáimaro; Sibanicú, Santa Cruz del Sur, Esmeralda, Florida and La Vaquita, in the capital city.

The commercialization is carried out by the companies of Commerce, organisms as Education and other entities.

In February, as part of the diversification of the productions, it was reached two tons of flavored whey from the milk of soybean and three of cottage cheese.

From March, it began to produce the so-called marriage, by means of process cheese with fruits jam in pots. Big expectation generates a product similar to the cream of bonbon, prepared with by-products of the soybean, to which hazelnut and cocoa is added.

In January, the industry introduced Creole rennet for the cheeses manufacture, which fulfills foreign butchers and with it, it replaces imports.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez