SIERRA DE CUBITAS, CAMAGÜEY. - To encourage the productive development in this territory constitutes a priority for the Agricultural and Citrus Company Sola from the pursuit, control and inspection.

In a trip carried out recently in productive areas of the Company, the maximum political and governmental authorities of the municipality stated how much has been advanced and how much remains to be done to achieve with the state engagement and with the community self-sufficiency.

In this sense, the basic units of cooperative production (UBPC) 35 Anniversary, Carlos Marx and Different Cultivation stand out in the sowing of bean, corn, sweet potato and banana, and also they have areas ready for the entry of new machines of central pivot.

Likewise, the center of production belonging to the UBPC Carlos Marx specialized in the sowing of vegetables, keeps favorable results from vegetables diversity with destination for the people, in addition to the will and perseverance of six workers who work to reach the quality of the productions.

Sierra de Cubitas has the challenge of guaranteeing 30 pounds per capita per person from the territorial self-sufficiency and with the constant alternatives search like the crop sowing of short cycle.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez