CAMAGÜEY.- Outstanding productive and economic results reached during the year 2018 the workers of the Company of Beverages and Soft Drinks (Ember), of Camagüey.

Liuben Swift Gonzalez, deputy director of the entity, said that they closed December with 14% of exceeding, which represents about four and a half million pesos more than expected.

He explained that even with limitations of raw materials, all physical productions achieved satisfactory levels, such as soft drinks, dry wine, vinegar, rum and sweet wine, both in bulk and bottling.

Net sales, utility, gross aggregate value, average workforce, monthly average wage and value-added wage expense were also positively behaved.

The success was possible by the consecrated task of all the groups, with emphasis for the innovators who daily put in practice inventive to keep in operation the old industries.

For its good performance last year, the Company of Beverages and Soft Drinks, of Camagüey, was deserving of the seat of the Provincial Act by the Day of the Worker of the Food Industry, made recently.