SIERRA DE CUBITAS, CAMAGÜEY.- An increase of the accident rate exhibited the Camagüey province during 2018 compared to similar period of the previous calendar, after there were brought more than 500 facts of this type, for which the authorities of Transit make a call to carry to extremes the precaution measurements.

Lieutenant colonel Mario Sánchez Bonet, chief of Transit in the territory, said that in the last trimester it was appreciated a light decrease, nevertheless, there persist indiscipline that cause these events, both on the part of the pedestrians and of the chauffeurs.

As main cause of the catastrophes stands out not to respect the route right, to neglect the control and direction of the vehicle, the undue overtaking, the speeding and the consumption of alcoholic beverages before to the act of driving.

In a particular way, he emphasized in the appellants scenes that denote indiscipline in the route, among these to use theirs technological means as earphones connected to mobile phones, to listen to music, or to equipment with the same end that carry those who go along the streets.

Sánchez Bonet also told that during 2018 the occurrence was deplorable four massive accidents located in the proximities of the community Brazil, municipality of Esmeralda; in the area known as Paso del Lesca, in Sierra de Cubitas, Vertientes; and other in the kilometer 36 of the highway of Santa Cruz del Sur.

In the specific case of Sierra de Cubitas, the increase in the number of accidents of transit was notable during the last year, hence called permanently to carry to extremes the precaution measurements and to fulfill the established according to the regulations of the road code.

In this sense it becomes necessary that this 2019, the drivers pay a major attention to the control of the vehicles and fulfill the established periods of technical review, especially those who have the responsibility of the massive transportation in order to avoid the occurrence of fatal facts. To support the road safety, is to fight for life.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez