JIMAGUAYÚ, CAMAGÜEY-. The members of the Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS) Dionisio Reandes, from Jimaguayú, a productive unit whose main social object is livestock, have been incorporated with very good results to the local self-sufficiency movement, government initiative that promotes the production of 30 pounds of meat, fruits and vegetables per capita per inhabitant.

The "Dionisio", located in the Popular Council Rescue of Sanguily, which has 465 people, mainly concentrated in the community known as "La Pata". The cooperative has managed to stabilize the monthly delivery of four tons of food, of the 1.8 that they had planned.

Onoiver Toledo Consuegra, president of the cooperative, explained to Adelante.cu that as part of the program established to contribute to the self-sufficiency, they will inaugurate this month a point of purchase and sale of products of various crops and meat of small livestock in the community.

Toledo Consuegra said that this initiative will help bring food closer to the population and acknowledged that its production is still insufficient for the current demand for food, mainly meat.

The CCS had in 2018 very good results in the different economic indicators, especially in livestock, since they reached the 956 000 liters of cow's milk, 160 000 more than planned. This indicator, plus the efficiency shown in the management of livestock, earned the second place in the emulation of the millionaire movement of milk production units in the province.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez