FLORIDA, CAMAGÜEY.- The nearly 2 000 fighters of the Cuban Revolution in the municipality will go to the polls on February 24 with the certainty of giving a resounding yes to the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, a dignified, inclusive and transcendent text that is also the result of heroism, bravery and resistance multiplied by each one of them in the achievement of the different missions of the Homeland.

Such conviction was reiterated in the territory by the members of the base associations of that organization during the balance that leads them to the Fifth National Conference and in many other contexts of social and community life, where they ratify their attachment and respect for the thought and intransigence of General Antonio Maceo, amply demonstrated in the Mangoes of Baraguá.

"Today's hostilities are broken not precisely against Spain, but against an imperialist enemy who attacks us and seeks to give by force and threat; but you must know that on February 24th the cry of Viva Cuba Libre! will be heard loud. In each of the ballot boxes and polling stations ready for the Constitutional Referendum, "said to the press Justo Martínez Veliz, one of the veterans of Playa Girón in Florida.

Among the fighters of the Cuban Revolution who will say yes to the new Law of Laws of the Republic, are also included heroes and participants in the deeds of clandestineness, in the Rebel Army, in the Fight against Bandits and the beautiful internationalist epic of a whole people in Africa and in other continents of the world where the light of freedom and human solidarity is being carried out every day.


More than 700 young people in Florida will also participate for the first time in a vote, this February 24, when acquiring the status of electors, a Cuban right with 16 years of age, full mental capacities and resident in the country for a period of no less than two years.

The young people, most of them students, had the opportunity to enrich with their criteria the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, in their schools and neighborhoods, by taking part also in the extensive process of popular consultation carried out during the past year through the nation.

More than 100 of these students will participate as collaborators of the Municipal Electoral Commission, to observe during the votes that the provisions of the Law and the ethical principles in the organization are fulfilled and to procedures from the authorities in each polling station.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez