CAMAGÜEY.- The workers and students of the educational sector in the province prepare themselves with view to the referendum of February 24. Approximately 459 schools will work as polling stations, and nearly 14 000 pioneers enlist to take care of the urns.

In conversation with Elier Rodríguez Pérez, chief of the Professional Technical Education (ETP) in the territory and supervisor of the above mentioned process in the sector, came out that eight pioneers are already guaranteed by each one of 1 730 polling stations that the province has, six to guard the urns and two as reserve.

As a habitual practice in the elections, the children, in addition to accompany the members of the table, will take the ballots to the houses of aged or physical limited persons and will help the elector who needs it, at the moment of his transfer up to the cubicle.

“Earlier the Ministry of Education had never had so much responsibility in a few elections as in the future ones; nevertheless, and although our work is multiplied, we have assumed the task with respect, since we know its importance”, the manager specified.

This year, Education will put at the disposal of the suffrage a whole 1 751 young people who will practice as collaborators, of them 1 624 students will be of 11th grade student, and of the second and third years of the ETP, and 127 of the FEU.

“In every polling station there will be a student entrusted to look over the respect to the Law and the transparence of the process. Up to the date, they have received two trainings, and the third one is foreseen in the first fifteen days of February”, added Rodríguez Pérez.

In addition to the preparation that the boys who will be linked receive, it is worked for months at each of the centers of the FEEM with the pupils who have age to vote.

“The system of political preparation in January and February has been centered on this Carta Magna, and the morning ceremonies and the curricular route have also contributed to this objective. All this together with the work in the family education schools, contributes so that the young people understands that the vote of February 24 is for their future, for the continuity of the Revolution”, he concluded.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez