SIBANICÚ, CAMAGÜEY. - Two purifyingplants of water were installed recently in the municipal head of Sibanicú, which allow to eliminate pollutant elements and guarantee the purification and quality of the liquid, in a territory that lacks aqueduct network and its groundwater possesses high minerals concentrations.

Every equipment has aptitude to process 500 liters of water per hour and to store 1 000 liters and the disinfection happens by means of the incidence of the ultraviolet light of a lamp that it brings connected. Every emplacement has a mini generating group, which makes the sustainability of the service possible, even before electrical flaws.

Ramón Peraza Cruz, resident in Sibanicú, said to Adelante that since the installation in last August he goes to buy water three times per week. “The water is very good, before I drank water of well that is harmful to the health. Moreover, it has a good price only 20 cents in national currency every liter”.

According to authorities of the government of the municipality shortly a third point will be put in functioning in the Siboney town. These machines are part of 14 purifying plants donated at the beginning of the year by the government of the People's Republic of China to Cuba, which were distributed in Camagüey’s municipalities.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez