CAMAGÜEY.- Hundreds of Camagüey´s citizens gathered in the Plaza of the Revolution Major General Ignacio Agramonte, of this city, in the cultural political evening that professional and amateur artists dedicated to the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

Students from several schools in the province, as well as members of the political and mass organizations of the territory, attended, together with the population that was gathered there, and that late at night, and for more than two hours, they appreciated musical numbers and dancers, dedicated to the memory of the Cuban leader.

The ceremony was chaired by Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and First Secretary in Camagüey, and representatives of the maximum leadership of the PCC and the Government in the territory.

In a large screen at the bottom of the stage, numerous passages were presented that reflected Fidel’s role in the guide of the Cuban revolutionary process after January 1st, 1959.

For the Sexagenarian Alfonso Izaguire, who on several occasions was close to Fidel, as he said to the ACN, those occasions marked his life forever, and were those moments of two years ago, very important for all Cuba.

As long as I have strength, he said, I will come here to honor his memory, as I did in 2016 when they rested in the Jimaguayu Hall his ashes, and I could give him my last farewell before the Commander-in-chief departed to Santiago de Cuba, to eternity.

The performance of students of the Vocational School of Art Luis Casas Romero and the Conservatory of Music José White, who starred in several of the moments of special emotion in their staging, proved evidence of the development of artistic teaching in the territory.

This was an aspiration that since the first decades of the Revolution was concretized and was followed closely by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, commented Luis Molina, artistic director of the evening, which said that this will always be an initiative to commemorate his legacy.

Other allegories to Fidel were those interpreted by the Contemporary Ballet of Camagüey, and the Ballet of Camagüey – which arrived this December 1st at its 51 years of founded-, first company of its kind created after the triumph of the Revolution.

Throughout the show the public appreciated the performance of more than 300 artists, many of whom two years ago were also in this same square, paying tribute in the vigil to the remains of the Fidel, who was one of the political figures more influential of the twentieth century.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez