CAMAGÜEY. An estimated of 35 thousand 800 houses to construct until 2030 in Camagüey, is the one that foresees the Provincial Direction of Physical Planning (DPPF) in this territory, after the management and implementation of studies during 2018 to update the Plan of Urban Arranging.

 Tomás Gómez Puga, chief of the Department of Territorial and Urban Arranging of the DPPF of the demarcation, informed the ACN that 119 areas have been identified with potentials for the houses building in 39 urban establishments of the province.

The development areas, he added, include more than 350 hectares, where houses will be constructed in plots with dimensions between 80 and 150 square meters with the intention of rationalizing the resource soil.

 He told that the residences will be able to be made bearing in mind the constructive technology available for the diverse typology, and from places in disuse, deteriorated or sub-used for its conversion in houses.

 In the stage of diagnosis and projection of these studies, Gómez Puga highlighted the importance of the public consultations in communities of the Popular Councils of Camagüey, and with experts, a method that is not new, but on which it is necessary to insist more.

He argued that this offers a vision wished to help to define strategic lines and immediate actions that need of the will and popular participation.

 Leonel Del Risco, the director of the said entity, expressed in the recent governmental visit to examine this topic in the territory, which like part of these studies, in addition to the houses program, the process answers to the location of investments related to photovoltaic and wind parks, bioelectricity companies, development of hotel capacities, technical infrastructure, and agricultural development.

 This joins also the execution of services proposed in the plans of arranging to raise the quality of life of the population, like recreational, cultural, of exhibition, educational centers, at the same time other spaces are being recovered.

 At present 13 municipalities of Camagüey, the most extensive province in territory of Cuba, are immersed in the update of the Municipal Plans of Territorial and Urban Arranging to ratify or to define the development policy until 2030.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez