CAMAGÜEY. - The Complex Camagüey City of the chain Cubanacán extends its strategies to increase the number of national and foreign tourists, with the target of positioning as a strong square in this specialty in the country.

From the hereditary values of the metropolis, the hotel enclosures of the mark E offer services with high standards of comfort, personalized treatment and excellence of the services. In accordance with the information offered to Adelante Digital up to the date, they have received 11756 tourists.

After a notable growth between 2016 and 2017 of the American tourism, principal market of the above-mentioned facilities, the unilateral sanctions of the government of the United States to prevent the tourists' entry to Cuba affected the projections of the sector for the current calendar.

“We were in the need to look for diverse alternatives not to lose income. The negotiations were revitalized and we bet more for the national tourism, to which we attract with new packages, and we extended our scope to countries like Germany, France and Italy, which duplicated the number of clients with regard to previous stages”, told Leonor Sabido Bonito, commercial specialist of the complex.

Other solutions included from the hiring of other agencies of tour-operators up to a better management in the social networks, to give publicity to the facilities. In 2019, the managers of the sector foresee a growth of the number of European clients in 10 % based on the reservations carried up to the date and the new commercialization strategies with important tour-operators.

It is also hoped to have more than 100 rooms in general, with the opening of the Hotel San Juan De Dios in the future calendar. Camagüey has six Hotels E, five of them with Excellency category, all located in real estate of high value, additive for those who look here for the contact with once Villa Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez