CAMAGÜEY.- The strengthening of new curriculum designs and the training of new pHd in Sciences in pursuit of achieving the excellence status in 2019 are the goals the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz has for the present academic year that started in Cuba.

In the central speech of the official openning of the school term that will receive more than 12 thousand students, Santiago Lajes Choy, the university rector said that the accreditation process of the curriculum designs will continue between 2018 and 2019, after the good results obtained last term.

 Heading to get next year the top flight that the National Accreditation Board awards to a high education center, the institution of Camagüey will raise the qualification and the number of majors evaluated to date, from which eight have the condition of excellence, the equal number of certified ones and one that is endorsed, he emphasized.

 He also highlighted the quality of the faculty which has more than a 1200 teachers who will assume the preparation of students, and weighed that from those teachers almost 800 have the higher degree of Master of Science and more than 270 have a PhD.

 In the welcoming remarks for new registered students, Doraine Linares Jiménez, the University Student Federation’s organizer in the institution, insisted in the need of learners to support the work of the pedagogical contingent Leonela Relys, to favor the teaching process in other educational centers in the province.

 Linares Jimenez also expressed the importance of the analysis of the project of Constitution of the Republic of Cuba among university students, especially for those attending Law School; because they can put into practice their knowledge on the subject.

 Isabel González Cárdenas, President of the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power and Liset Bouza Cabrera, President of the Assembly of the Popular Power in the municipality of Camagüey were present in the openning as well.

 The University of Camagüey was founded on November 6th, 1967 and it is the first higher education institution founded in the country after the triumph of the revolution.

 Since that date and up to the present, more than 78 thousand Cuban professionals and several from other nations of the world have graduated in the University.