CAMAGÜEY. - More national tourists decided in favor of the offers of the hotels All Included of the chain Cubanacán, in the Santa Lucia Beach, in the north of the province which propitiated an increase of the demand in these facilities during July and August.

 Breezes Saint Lucia, the most requested of four complexes that this hotel group possesses in the beach, it informed the clients' biggest inflow for the holiday stage of last five years.

The hotels were prepared according to the expectations and needs for the segment of local market, and operations directed to satisfy their tastes and preferences were designed, said to that one web Alfredo Sarduy Velázquez, the director of the mentioned installation.

 In case of the Breezes Saint Lucia, it differed in the recreational proposals that attracted the attention of the guests.

Comments of satisfied clients demonstrate the quality of the destination, as in case of Magdiel Semper, which on the page of Facebook of the hotel highlighted the attention of the personnel, the luxurious animation and the good gastronomy.

Now when it concludes the high summer period, and until the beginning of the winter high one in November, there will be implemented commercial strategies as the decrease of the prices to stimulate the reservations and to improve the occupation level in these months, it recounted Sarduy Velázquez.

 Canada is the first market for the Camagüey´s beach, continued by the Cuban tourism and other European segments, which the Russian will join soon, with the direct operation of the tour-operator Pegas Touristik towards the International Airport Ignacio Agramonte, of this city.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez