CAMAGÜEY.- Of the first day, the best thing is the exhilaration, the adrenaline of getting up with the exact time to enlist clothes, uniforms, hairstyles … and to take the streets in rejoicing of bags of snack, shawls, blue skirts and yellow pants.

It does not matter if they are of a poly-technical school or of the university, there will not be a teacher who could give classes in the middle of so many histories of the beach, the camping sites, the trips to other provinces, the fiancés, the parties …

Those who continue will return with this happiness that fulfills you when you see again the friend, (although we are practical, in times of cell phones, Wi-Fi and Facebook, there is not place for many nostalgia), this with whom you share the table or desk sits down nearby and more than once they have exchanged rubbers, books, notes and tell-offs. That one, which later, in several years, will be also in the birth of your son and all your birthdays and sad days, because from the classrooms we also acquire a new family.

For others, those who said in last July farewell to their schools and to their teachers, it will be the expectant discovery of new faces, lessons, and roads that take them to their longed title of worker, technician or university student, this paper that throws us all to the reality of which it is not a goal but a beginning.

The teachers will return to the chalkboard, the chalk will be the dust that will inhabit the classroom for another ten months, the laboratories will look like a bubbling … the schools will have their best sound track: the laugh and the cursory steps of those who learn.

True it is that it does not matter if the first day of classes you go of the hand of your parents (at the time that you do a reasons list to them to go alone, because you are already old), in bicycle, in bus crossing half a city being careful not to get dirty the white robe or to not spoiling the plane that kept you away for months, it will always leave you the flavor of the first one of every first day of course.

It does not even matter how many years it does since you went out of the primary school or of the university, it will keep on being a party for you to see the children in the direction of preschool or to the neighbor who asked for all the signs to come to the José Martí campus, and you even will feel envy; because in September it smells to beginnings. It is well known by more than 138 026 students who, at all the levels, will wake up a course prepared for them.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez