CAMAGÜEY. - With more than billion cubic meters of water stored in his dams, the Camagüey province occupies almost 84 % of its entire capacity, and in these moments, they spill six reservoirs, between them the detainee Jimaguayú, located in the municipality of Vertientes.

 According to the report expressed by specialists of the Company of Hydraulic Use of Camagüey, 12 reservoirs that provide the liquid for domestic use reach 82 % of filling, which favors the distribution to more than 340 thousand inhabitants by means of a network of 199 systems of aqueduct.

At present of these reservoirs only one is below half of his entire volume, which corresponds to a major insurance to the water supply to the hearths.

Although the current conditions are more favorable, accumulated of rains of the month in the province it is 41,8 millimeters for 26 % of rainfall with regard to the historical average of August, considered one of two months that less precipitation contributes to the humid period in Cuba, due to the notable influence of the anticyclone of the Atlantic Ocean.

On the drought, the Bulletin Alertness of the Climate, of the Center of the same name, belonging to the Institute of Meteorology, warned that for the unfavorable evolution of accumulated of the precipitations in some provinces of the oriental region in the last trimester, attention must be paid to the prognoses for August.

 It recounts the publication that in this month begins to increase the cyclonic activity on Cuba, although the frequency of the hurricanes that affect it in this period is alone the half that that of September. (ACN) (Photo: File)