CAMAGÜEY. - The sustainable handling of the marine grasslands in the Santa Lucia Beach, in the north of this province, constitutes a priority of work of the Center of Investigations of the Environment (CIMAC) in the territory, for the importance of these ecosystems in the coastal dynamics.

Although the bad called seaweed - they are other species of marine plants that inhabit in this area - cause inconveniences to the swimmers in the most popular beach of Camagüey, the specialists of the CIMAC insist that the knowledge on its benefits will allow a major sensibility towards its protection.

These grasslands sustain the life of the marine species in its early stages, the same ones who then will inhabit the combs of the reefs that protect the beach of a major impact of the waves, especially in phenomena as hurricanes, and therefore they help to brake the erosive processes.

As told Rebeca González, researcher of Environmental management in Santa Lucia for the mentioned center, the suitable treatment of the establishments of Thalassia and other species in these funds, is vital for its conservation.

The manual cleanliness of the dead plants that accumulate in the shores is one of the actions to fulfill with major responsibility, since in some areas inadequate methods are still observed for the extraction of these residues, thought the specialist.

It is needed, also, from a major educational work and from information towards the population to overcome the reserve to coexist with the Thalassia, since its presence favors the vitality of the sandy stripes, and the safe-conduct of the beaches is fundamental to resist the effects of the climate change.

The Task Life. Plan of the State to face this phenomenon in Cuba, passed in April, 2017, admits the importance of the sandy beaches, to whose protection, maintenance and integral recovery dedicated the Task 3 in the 11 that shape the plan.

In Camagüey, in accordance with the last provincial inventory, there are 53 beaches, and among them, Santa Lucia stands out with its 19 kilometers of sand inside the whole of 26 kilometers of coast.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez