SANTA CRUZ DEL SUR, CAMAGÜEY. - The Managerial Unit of Base (UEB) Milk Santa Cruz del Sur, in the province, shows at present the condition of more efficient and productive Group, which grants the Trade union of Workpeople of the Food industry and the Fishing.

The fulfillment of the plans of production and of sales, and the labor discipline of the workpeople, turned into positives indicators for the securing of the recognition, as mentioned to the ACN, Florencio Fuentes Alcalá, the director of the entity.

We prepare here six thousand gallons of ice cream monthly and 50 tons of slightly salted cheese yearly, in addition to whey cottage cheese, a by-product of the milk that increases the efficiency and diversifies our actions, he specified.

The manager referred that also they produce the whole natural yogurt that there needs the population of this southern territory, which is reflected in the satisfaction of the demand that there present all the social institutions of the system of health and of education there.

In addition, we produce ice cream milkshake and yogurt with flavor in four liters formats, this food that we commercialize in currency, mainly to the companies of the municipality, as it is the case of the Fishing Company, he told.

This UEB until 2014 was only a Center of gathering and milk cooling, nevertheless, thanks to the united work of his workpeople; it evolved up to what it is today, an industrial entity outstanding at national level, even with an innovators' strong movement.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez