FLORIDA, CAMAGÜEY. - After some days of halt the refinery of central Ignacio Agramonte of the municipality of Florida began again its productive chore to add approximately 10 000 tons to the already elaborated numbers, for which the direction of the group AZCUBA assigned the corresponding numbers of fuel and raw material.

With little more than 38 thousand produced tons of the food, the out-standing factory of the municipality of Florida that undertakes now additional commitments, has interrupted its chore in different moments due to affectations with the supply of oil, the transportation of the crude oil from other sugar mills, and for lack of water.

The closing of the current contest of refined, it will make possible the producers of central Ignacio Agramonte, to begin immediately the process of disarmament, cleanliness and conservation, and to initiate the repairs of the industry for a new oil container of the reprocess of raw.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez