ALTAGRACIA, CAMAGÜEY. - In order to achieve the safety and food sovereignty from the local self-sufficiency, like economic practice and naturally sustainable, stands out the chore in the program of the Urban, Suburban and familiar Agriculture in the Community of Altagracia, in this municipality.

Brismania Fajina Morales, representative of the delegation of the Department of the Agriculture (MINAG) in this popular council (CP), specified that among the targets of this movement there is to reduce the empty or underused ground spaces and to apply the agro-ecology to support the growth and the quality in the food production.

She emphasized that in the establishment there are 14 intensive orchards and more than 2 100 courtyards that contribute food, vegetables, grains and other productions; also, in the quarters monthly actions of training are carried out, in which they socialize the technological results for the sake of the sowing and the preservation of soils.

Elba Nápoles de la Torre, the president of this CP, specified that eight producing units of this community signed the agreement with the Provincial Delegation of the MINAG regarding the commitment to plant one hectare of different cultivation for every farm destined for the consumption of the population.

She detailed that the peasants of the state farm Victoria I and the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production Victoria II, are inserted in several tasks directed to improve the conditions of life and of the working in the field, the update of the contracts of production, preparation of the ground and the watering of seedbeds.

In Altagracia, municipality of Camagüey, also there is encouraged the creation and maintenance of the nursery of fruit trees that allow guaranteeing the small plants to support the cooperatives destined for this end, and to satisfy the demands of the social consumption, the production of the mini-industries and the sales to the tourism through Commercialization Company of Select Fruits.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez