CAMAGÜEY. - The Managerial Unit of Base Beekeeping of this province, gathered at the end of the first semester of the year 262 tons of honey of bee, number that locates it among the entities of its type most outstanding from the country.

In July there were obtained little more than 14 tons of the 13planned, aspect that denotes the efficient yields that it supports up to the date, said Segundo Fernández Fonseca, production manager in this center.

In addition, there have been extracted more than three thousand 731 kilograms of wax and 602 of propolis, he added.

With these numbers, it was doubled the results that had been foreseen for the period, partly thanks to the rains that favored the flowering, and for the consecration to the work of 223 associated beekeepers of Camagüey.

As emphasized the manager, these producers belong to 47 units, among Credit Cooperatives and Services (CCS), of Agricultural Production (CPA) and Cooperative Basic Units of Production (UBPC).

Again the municipalities of Minas, Vertientes and Santa Cruz del Sur were the territories that continued in the advanced post of the production of honey, an emulation that brings benefits to the country, since it is an exportable product that reaches two thousand and two thousand 500 euros per ton on the international market.

In drought periods the transfer of the beehives to areas with better indexes of water supply, and where sufficient beech a flowering there have been some of the strategies that the producers have put in functioning to fulfill their delivery plans.

For the present year, the Managerial Unit of Base Beekeeping of Camagüey foresees to gather 581 tons of the product, to fulfill the wax delivery and propolis in the direction of the exportation, and to continue the promotion of the breeding of bee’s reigns in 10 genetic centers that the province has.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez