CAMAGÜEY. - More than 20 % of the Cuban population has today 60 years of age and more. The number corresponds to approximately 2 246 799 persons. The numbers indicate the need for an attention to the elderly more and more effective, as it happens in the Camagüey´s municipalities of Nuevitas and Guáimaro.

In the first one located to the north of the provincial head, a multidisciplinary team is in charge of offering specialized attention to the elders, who have coexistence options in the grandparents' house and the old folks' home of the territory.

As the web site of Radio Nuevitas recounts, among the health programs that they offer in an integral way to link the elders to the society, also there redeem an essential role the activities that plan the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation, and the Department of Culture.

Likewise, the information highlights that the Nuevitas´ grandparents have the opportunity to excel themselves in the Chair of the Elder, in which they receive diverse matters that facilitate their development in the society.

The priority also in the municipality of Guáimaro is the guarantee of effective strategies for the care and attention to the elderly, conceived from a multi-sectorial work.

More than 300 grandparents of this demarcation benefit with the services of eight community dining rooms, where they acquire foodstuff at accessible prices and with the established nutritional requests, publishes Radio Guáimaro Digital.

The web adds that this is one of the most aged municipalities of the Camagüey province, with more than 6 000 settlers with 65 years old and more, for a 16 % of the whole of inhabitants.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez