GUÁIMARO, CAMAGÜEY. - In this municipality, three cooperation programs in the agriculture and fishing, are implemented with the target to impel the economic development of the territory, eminently stockbreeder.

The development of the project brings notable advances in the demarcation Enterprising Women, of the Cuban Association of Animal Production (ACPA), whose intention is to strengthen and to show the capacities of the females inside the rural sector, in addition to promoting the genre equity.

With this initiative, two Guáimaro´s companies dedicated to the breeding of dairy and sheep - goat cattle benefited, according to declarations of Alexei Hernández Fillor, municipal delegate of the Agriculture.

On the other hand, actions for the human development and the sustainability are developed in La Veguera, with the application of an initiative for the electric power production from the use of the invasive plant Marabou carried out by SODePAZ and the Cuban Association of Agricultural and Forest Technical staff, and financed jointly by the European Commission and the Meeting of Andalusia.

In addition, according to Hernández Fillor, it is advanced in the implementation of the Governmental Project of Cattle Cooperative Development (PRODEGAN), financed by the International Fund of Agricultural Development (FIDA), of the Organization of United Nations.

With this initiative, there will be favored 35 cooperatives of the most oriental region of Camagüey, to which the essential resources will be provided to them for the economic progress of the inhabitants of these rural areas, with special emphasis on the improvement of its agricultural productivity.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez