CAMAGÜEY.- The 297 educational institutions affected after the passage of Hurricane Irma in the province of Camagüey, in September of last year, there are only 11 that remained in works of recovery, which should be ready for the next school year.

Efraín Domínguez Roque, head of the Department of investments of the Provincial direction of education (DPE) told the Cuban news agency that there is high probability of solving those cases in the months of July and August, as prioritized objective of which eight are schools and other offices and facilities belonging to the sector.

He noted that during the current summer season will reopen, after his recovery, the camp teacher recreation of the beach port pilot, in Sierra de Cubitas and the Palace of pioneers, Esmeralda, both included territories among those most affected by this phenomenon weather.

To run the reconstruction of the affected buildings approved the allocation of a budget over the 23 billion pesos, stressed the Steering at the time reported that funding is joining the plan approved for the 2018 of nine thousand 643 million 100 pesos focused on maintenance and repair in general.

Adalberto Barreiras López, principal Inspector of the Department of investments of the DPE methodologist also reported, that in the process of repair have been gradually surpassed several difficulties, mainly related to the budget and the deficit of resources in the building materials.

Until the time of the 143 schools included in the maintenance and repair plan for this year, at the end of the first half, 32 schools, were completed which benefited more than 28 thousand students of the different levels of education.