CAMAGUEY.- Today Jun 30th is the eleventh anniversary of the Heberprot-P’s widely usage in all Cuba, although this was preceded by the clinical trials in its different stages.

According to the amount of dispensary diabetics in this province around 48 697 and its link with the number of these people to be included in this Integral Attention Program to diabetics with ulcers on their feet, the statistics collected in the Biotechnology and Genetics Engineering Center (BGEC), of this city, assure that the 86% of these data has been included within the expected ones for this year.

The municipalities of lower patients insertion are: Sibanicu and Vertientes, while Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, Sierra de Cubitas, Jimaguayu, Minas, Guaimaro, Florida and Nuevitas report the 100%. Beyond the prognosis are Florida, Nuevitas and the head territory, coinciding with the largest amount of diabetics.

Ignacio Agramonte, Julio Antonio Mella, Jose Marti(middle) and Joaquin de Aguero(North) are among the nine Health areas of Camaguey with the best results so far.

In the information given by the Heberprot-P´s promoters, the MS. c. Franklin Fuentes Aguilar and the lic. Lesvia Calzada Aguilera, from the BGEC here, was shown that the non-included cases can still be recovered, always with the tendency of offering this Cuban product, the only one of its kind in the whole world, in order to avoid fore limbs amputations.

The Program established since 2007 has kept insured the Heberprot-P to the needed ones, despite its production high prices.

This medicine of proved results, it is intralesion injected till the 24 dosis for free; nevertheless, if the person heals, the injection is suspended.

Special responsability is on the shoulders of the Health Primary Care Areas(HPCA)´ specialists when detecting ill people with complex feet ulcers and before that stage. If the lesion is discovered in time the risks are little, but if it can be avoided with prophylactic measures ordered by endocrinologists, angiologists, general practicioners, podiatrists, nutritionists, among others, it would be better. Not suffering from feet ulcers is the most recomendable for any diabetic.

In order to achieve that goal, it is vital for the ill person to control his metabolism, avoid infections in his lesions and keep the diet ordered by his doctor, which can be a reality; although, theme experts claim that 15% of people suffering from this desease may present a feet ulcer in any moment of his life, and the same pocentage of this people will need an amputation.

The Manuel Ascunce Domenech university hospital was pioneer of this medicine usage, when it was still in its clinical trial stage. In the years of its use in the province it has been treated more than 5000 lesions in Camaguey.