CAMAGUEY.- This province will host one more time the Dota2 National Tournament from August 1st to August 5th in the Technological Forest of this city, as part of the Youth Computer and Electronic Clubs´ summer offers in the territory.

That online game, of the genre ARTS or action real-time strategy, experiences a growing popularity among Cuban teenagers and youths, which is why some time ago the Youth Computer and Electronic Clubs took over the sponsorship of the tournaments and practice in their facilities.

Before this event, a provincial competition will be held where teams from different municipalities of Camaguey will compete in order to select 3 winners, informed Jessica Águila Rodríguez, Communication specialist of this entity in Camaguey.

The game revolves around the clash of two teams, with 5 players each one, with their respective bases in opposite corners of the map, divided in three roads that connect both bases and a river in the middle that divides the two territories.

Considered by some Internet web sites as the chess of the 21st century, Dota2 is beneficial for the development of the intellect since players are required to take quick decisions.

Apart from video games tournaments, during this summer season the Youth Computer and Electronic Clubs will offer a wide selection of activities for all audiences, with short courses of social media and web design, the special scheduling of audiovisual contents for children an youths in the bundle “My Backpack” and the promotion of other products.

Jessica Águila added that the services of computer assistance and copying of material will continue at Camaguey houses with the project “In My House + Click in summer”. A workshop to promote the Collaborative Encyclopedia Ecured will be offer too.

The Youth Computer and Electronic Clubs, founded more than three decades ago, are one of the institution that play a part in the computerization of society and contribute to the technological development of the country.

  • Translated by Aileen Álvarez García/student