ESMERALDA,CAMAGUEY.- One of the most affected municipalities due to hurricane Irma was, without a doubt, Esmeralda. In light of the devastating scenery that Irma left behind, the community along with the main authorities of the region thoughtfully undertake the recovery tasks in order to restore a village practically ruined.

Kirenia Peralta, housing director in Esmeralda, informed to Adelante Digital: “Although 7470 houses were affected, nowadays 3072 of them were repaired despite the deficit of materials like cement and grit that did not allowed to have a bigger progress, even so, the village is 42% recovered”.

The strategy is to completely finish the work in isolated communities with difficult access and major affectations, executing the work by construction sequences.

Nowadays, community #132 is 95% repaired. All houses were built in subsidy modality and the community received supplies like mattresses, towels, sheets, kitchen tools, water tanks, etc. One of the beneficiaries, Cristóbal Rojas Morales, 86 years old, while narrating his experience said: “We received more than we had”.

In Moscú neighborhood, belonging to Brasil community, it has been achieved, apart from the reconstruction, the urbanization of the community with the construction of a park, stores and the paving of roads.

Without setting aside what it has been achieved, it is still necessary a timely information in order to allow the residents to know the delineated schedule, according to the arrival of building materials, even though it is well known that a carefully studied plan according to every territory priorities, as well as their household, already exists.

  • Translated by Aileen Álvarez García