CAMAGUEY-. El Lugareño Editions, editorial seal of the Camaguey City’s Historian Office (CCHO), opened its new location to strengthen itself with a more authentic identity and to continue its work of broadcasting and preservation of the territory’s heritage.

According to the declarations to the ACN, Yisell Pérez Peña , charged editor of The infinite city magazine-one of the institution materials that highlights the architecture, the urbanism and the city’s design- the editorial exists since 2009, but it was attached to the building of the CCHO.

 She also claimed that the institution is located now in the Managing Cultural Center, on Independencia Street in the most inhabited part of the city. In addition, this organization does not abandon its essence and continues as the tireless defender of the history of the city, its culture, its houses and its people.

Then she added that after almost 10 years of existence this institution needed a unique identity.

El Lugareño continues with its three collections Essence, Future and Landscapes of the city, and its two serial publications The Infinite City magazine and Senderos magazine which is released every six months.

Furthermore, this organization publishes books out of collection that matches the main goal of the editorial through re-editions of unique copies that are in danger of being lost, as well as researches and awarded works of contests carried out by the CCHO.

Translated by Elizabeth Brinones Fonseca/student