CAMAGUEY.- In all the base organizations of the National Association of Cuban Economists and Accountants (Anec) of this province, will be announced in all the month of Jun, the celebration of  its 8th Congress, which is planned for Jun 12 to 14 of 2019.

Since the six month of the year until September the organic process will be developed, through which the 4600 associates will develop ideas of how to strengthen the organization work in the middle of the challenges that imposes the current Cuban economic model on a complex environment at an international level.

According to the announcement, the members will confirm their commitment to the Revolution, to the people and the Cuban Communist Party (CCP), to reinforce the economy.

The Dr.C Ines Josefina Torres Mora, member of the CCP Provincial Bureau and president of the Anec, read the announcement to the national event, within the balance assembly framework of this organization of the four districts of Camaguey city.

The event, celebrated in the Santa Cecilia Convention Center, helped to know about the human talent management in the small and medium enterprises, based on the experiences implemented in Mexico and brought to this scenario by the MS.c. Maria Elena Lopez Hernandez from the Guadalajara University.

Translated by Elizabeth Brinones Fonseca/student