CAMAGUEY.- The ice-cream parlor “Coppelia”, emblematic establishment of this downtown area, is been completely renovated and in just a few weeks will enjoy of better conditions for this summer, but meanwhile, its traditional service is been offered in the upper floor with the same combinations and prices.

Noelia Álvarez Gutiérrez, deputy director of the facility, informed to the Adelante Digital that self-employed workers along with staff that works there are in charge of this renovation, restoring some floors, the exterior and interior paint of the building and the total rehabilitation of the counter. The refrigeration units are being repaired too. 

The Office of the City Historian is in charge of the preparation and execution of the new decoration, while the Cultural Assets Fund will repair the furniture.

The location of chairs and tables will be the same as before, but some of them will be added towards Independence Street, where a sales area was previously placed.    


Cafeteria “La Suprema”Cafeteria “La Suprema”

Having as an objective the satisfaction of the current demand, they temporarily enabled the second floor cafeteria “La Suprema”, to offer different combination of ice cream and desserts apart from the usual fried chicken, bear and soft drink. This place has a capacity for 60 seated people. In the second floor the area that specializes in selling special ice cream at higher prices  is still working as usual.

 The remodeling started earlier this month and they currently work in shifts of 12 hours, including weekends, in order to entirely finish the work in the next few days, which will contribute to “refresh” more this summer that is just starting.


Translated by Aileen Álvarez García/student

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