CAMAGUEY.-After the step of Irma hurricane more than half a year ago by the territory of Camaguey, the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes municipality continues supporting the hurricane victims. So far, 453 cases from the 1271 registered ones are solved.

The partial and total collapses of the houses´walls are constructed with more dynamism due to the Base Organization Unit (UEB, for its acronym in Spanish) Construction Materials Industry. This UEB has a weekly production plan of 300 blocks of 10 centimeters and 500 blocks of 15, still insufficient because the demand is over the production.

Félix González, head of the construction industry, explained that the low level of achievement is mostly due to the cement supply, since the materials manufacture is stopped because lack of it. Another cause is the lack of space to work, because just one of the two industry sections has roof, which makes harder to work in rainy days. This UEB not only makes blocks for the victims, but also elaborates 1000 liters water tanks, prefabricated kitchen tables, double and simple sinks, beam and tie-beams, and wood doors and windows only for subsidized people. From next Monday on, they will begin elaborating 25 and 40cm flagstones.

Nine houses were destroyed with the recent rains, which are being managed by the municipality executives.


Sierra de Cubitas has recovered 57% of its damaged houses. According to Municipal Housing Direction data (DMV, for its acronym in Spanish), so far the 35% of the total collapses and the 90% of the partial ones were constructed; as well as the 74% of the total roof collapses and 67% of the partial ones, for a total of 2306 compensated damages from the 4055 reported ones.

The reconstruction of 159 houses was projected for 2018, from which 64 were already finished. The main role of the plan falls on the Sola Citrus Consumables Enterprise that is in charge of the building of 134. So far it has constructed edifices of type 4; in other words, wood and tile buildings but is being analyzed the possibility to build them with blocks.

Another two enterprises have been involved in the recovery. The Ecoia 15 managed to end 15 locations adapted in Sola 9, achieving its goal for this year, while the Municipal UEB of the Maintenance Comprehensive Provincial Enterprise (EPIM, for its acronym in Spanish) must conclude its assignment of 10 houses, which construction has been hindered since January because the lack of steel.

Leonardo Rodríguez Esquivel, Head of the Technical Department of the DMV, explained that entry of most of the construction materials has been stable, except for the sand supplies.


Photo: Reinier Hernández González  / Journalism studentsPhoto: Reinier Hernández González / Journalism studentsThe Minas municipality recovered the 55% of the houses with damages after the meteor´s passing, with a policy based on the local development projects. The manufacture of the windows with its cement frames that provided benefits to the country was the workers’ initiative.

This territory is implementing a plan to supply the necessary resources for the victims based on the typology analysis and the victims with more priority, according to the available funds of the Domestic Trade Ministry (DTM).

Leobel Miranda, local producer, is one of the examples because he has turned his house in the main material elaboration center of his community. ¨Our work is very important. We give the country a mechanism for the substitution of expensive imports and we hope that when people know a little bit more about our work, they will join us¨.

The political and mass organizations are aware of the personal situation in each People´s Council and they do their best to satisfy the neighbors ‘needs.

According to the Housing Provincial Management data, Minas reported 613 total collapses, 198 partial ones, 1014 roof total and 1731 partial ones, which places it among the most damaged of the province along with Esmeralda, Sierra de Cubitas and Nuevitas.

Translated by Elizabeth Briñones Fonseca /student