CAMAGÜEY.- A traffic accident occurred early this Monday in Camagüey, leaving 30 injured, three of them minors, with no human fatalities, informed Dr. Eduardo Rivero Pelaez, director of the Clinical Surgery Hospital Amalia Simoni.

The accident occurred in the surroundings of Paso de Lesca, a mountainous area located in Sierra de Cubitas municipality, when, allegedly, the bus driver was unable to press the brakes due to technical problems, according to initial assessments made by the authorities.

The passengers mostly present minor injuries and bruises, and are being treated in this hospital, although five of them were referred to the Manuel Ascunce Domenech Provincial Hospital, with cervical spine fractures and other injuries of greater severity.

Early this morning, the highest authorities of the Cuban Communist Party and the government of the province visited the victims of the accident that receive specialized medical attention and will stay admitted for observation during the next 24 hours.

People that were at the hospital immediately showed their disposition to donate blood when the ambulances started to arrive in order to guaranty the attention of the injured ones.

The lieutenant colonel Israel Yera Quintana, second chief of the Provincial Unity of Monitoring and Patrol, explained that the bus was traveling from Sola to Camagüey city, and that the bus driver warned the passengers about the technical failure so that they could shelter, action that prevent greater problems.

He also informed that they will continue investigating in order to determinate the exact causes of this unfortunate accident.

Translated by Aileen Álvarez García/ student