CAMAGÜEY.- With four breeds of high meat throughput, the Managerial Unit El Macho Vacuno belonging to the Maraguan Livestock Enterprise is currently one of the most outstanding in the delivery of high quality meat service to the industry in the territory.

According to what Rogelio Aguero Caballero declared, head of the same UEB, the social goal of the company is the fattenig of bulls to optimize their weight before being killed for their sale, established as 380 kg, but actually with 415 kg per head at the moment.

He then explained that the Charolais F1 and the Brangus are the most significant, because in the latter each animal can reach a thousand 80 g per day in its development stage.

He made reference in the same way to the creole bull and the Saint Gertrudis, both of them with a high percentage of meat conversion as well, each case is based on the genetic zebu basis where those species are obtained.

With 19 buildings already concluded, El Macho Vacuno counts on using 21 facilities to fatten two thousand 500 animals at the same time in order to reach five thousand a year when they get to their development stage.

The UEB is part of the Maraguan Meat Project, between Cuba and Venezuela, nation that provided the financial part through the Ministry of People’s Power for the Agriculture and Lands, and the Fertile Soil Foundation, with the objective of developing here the cattle progress projected by Fidel Castro.

Rogelio Aguero kept on explaining that we have even had 850 livestock heads, achievements that have provided us profits of seven million Cuban pesos in 2017 and that our gains rose till 54 thousand Cuban pesos.

Located in Vertientes, El Macho Vacuno is a unit that integrates the labor of 85 workers, 13 of them are women, from which 11 families were benefitted with the housing construction near the grounds of the company, an aspect that enlivened that rural community.

 Translated by Elizabeth Brinones Fonseca/ student