CAMAGUEY.-Three decades of work at the Blood bank of this province have provided Tamara Moya Vázquez with a special sensibility in the face of donating this vital liquid, thus, during almost 20 years she has also offered a part of herself to them who needs it.

Her vocation took her to integrate a group of 340 special plasmapheresis donors, where she also puts her own arm as one more of them, every 15 days, as well as doing the necessary procedures in order to extract blood, when she does not have to donate.

The satisfaction in saving lives it is what moves people like Tamara, different from other countries when blood donation is paid. Cuba makes a difference due to the altruism of those who assume this responsibility voluntarily.

In the case of exclusive donors of plasma (liquid part of the blood that contains mainly proteins) it is comforting to know that we contribute to the production vital medicines for children suffering cancer, people with coagulation disorders, and other affections, explained Tamara.

Up to the end of May, Camaguey has contributed to the Biopharmaceutical industry with 500 liters of plasma, to be used in the production of transfer factor, human albumins, vaccines and gamma globulin, confirmed Nilda Rosabal, head of the Plasmapheresis Department at the Provincial Blood Bank.

Unlike other voluntary donors, for those included in the plasmapheresis their commitment is not just limited to extend his arm; due to the special use of his blood, they should take good care of his health and food habits on a day to day basis.

We should carry a healthy life style, avoid toxic habits, maintain a balanced diet and an adequate weight since before every donation some complementary tests are done, and if the parameters are not in order we cannot donate, explained Tamara, also technician of the Plasmapheresis Department.

Every June 14th, Blood Donor Worldwide Day, people that are devoted to this cause receive a wide social recognition, in honor of the Austrian biologist birthday, who instituted the ABO blood typing system.

 Translated by Aileen Álvarez García/ student