CAMAGÜEY.- In 16 000 km² of this Central/East Cuban region excels the chrome deposit located North of the main city, where the intention is to extract 15 000 tons of sand this year.

The Camaguey Business Unit Chrome is the responsible of mining activities in the region, which has the intention to produce 15 more tons of chrome rajon for exportation, part of this directed to the National Market.

Specialists consider that the deposit of the zone known as Altagracia, located 15 km North of Camaguey City, could be exploited another two more decades, thanks to its reserves that allow one of the more sustained extraction works in the Largest of the Antilles.

At the moment, there are no other deposits of chrome in extraction in Latin America, what places this one in Camaguey in the spotlight of Chinese business men, who plan to build a concentrated chrome plant with technology of the Asian Giant.

This plant would allow the extraction of chrome without the adherence of other substances. Nowadays, the concentrated mineral in the International market is worth $400 a ton.

Other zones of Camaguey and Las Tunas province are also part of the Camaguey Geomine Company field of action, that consolidates important operations in Oro Jacinto, Guaimaro and in Oro Golden Hill, Jobabo, further East.

Besides the operations geared towards chrome, the science and technology of a group of professionals in this region are used in the San Felipe plateau, in order to explote the prospecting of nickel in the zone.

The San Felipe reserve, located North the main city province, has 110 km² of high concentrations of this mineral in the studied areas by professionals of different institutions, attached to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba.

Translated by Aileen Álvarez García/ student