CAMAGUEY- According to estimated numbers, about 155 582 people are above 60 years old in this province, that is around 20.39 % of its population, explained to the press Dr. Jesús Reguerira Naranjo, head of the Ederly section and Social Assistance, of the Public Health Provincial Direction.

The municipalities of Guáimaro, Camaguey and Florida exceed the provincial average, while those with fewer senior citizens are Jimaguayú and Najasa, these last ones without old age homes, modality that counts with 13 government-run centers in the remaining territories and one run by the church.

Another way to fight the aged population consists on senior homes, with 935 capacities in all municipalities, plus, the one in Vertientes, devoted to disabled elderlies, second of its type in Cuba, already with 60 posts.

In order to benefit from these services certain requirements are taken into account, in this specific order, elderlies without filial protection, those who face seriously social difficulties, and those with families that do not guarantee their cares, and in return, the service received is charged. It is also taken into consideration if the center meets the requirements of the law regulations for these price lists.

From 26 senior homes and 13 homes, 15 and 7 are certified. In the rest, the charge is lower.

Every case is studied in a very special way and the unprotected elderlies receive a service that the Social Assistance takes on.

The seniors receive dentist, hearing and orthopedic assistance, without forgetting that in some of their needs the demand is higher that the offer.

Camaguey province registers 139 people over hundred years old. For 2025 it is expected that 25 % of Cuban population has 60 years old or more.

Without a doubt, the increase of life expectancy is among the achievements of the Health National System, such a challenge in pursuit of a better life quality for the elderly.

 Translated by Elizabeth Briñones Fonseca/ student