CAMAGÜEY.- The marketing of Nauta Home for the Internet connection from the dwellings, began in some areas of the headwaters of the municipalities of Guáimaro, Florida, Nuevitas and Santa Cruz del Sur, in this province.

In statements to the Cuban Agency of News, Mailen Duran, a communication specialist in the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) in the territory, explained that in the municipalities will follow the same trend of gradual opening that has characterized the implementation of that service in the country.

Potential users in the areas benefit will be notified by phone by ETECSA offices in their localities, although anyone can call before to learn and establish the contract, clarified the official.

The offer is made up of empowerment that is payable only once, and a monthly whose price, starting from 15 Cuban convertible pesos, depends on the speed to recruit 30 hours of service per month.

All this will be associated with an access account Nauta with domain, similar to that used until now in the WiFi areas and navigation.

With regard to the technical specifications, the customer must have desktop computer or laptop, a fixed telephone with the torque in a position to assume the link for the transmission of data, and acquire the ADSL modem and accessories for the configuration sold by ETECSA.

Since its opening in the city of Camagüey, in December 2017, about three thousand users have hired Nauta Home, and the three areas identified at first, recently joined a sector of the historic center of the city.

ADSL technology, although also uses the phone line for Internet access, it does not interrupt the transmission of calls, such as those already increasingly less used modem connections or account switched, and allows greater speed of navigation.