CAMAGÜEY.- Favorable results shows the Provincial Center of Production of Natural Medicines, an institution that ensures the development of the preparations intended for pharmacies and care units of Camaguey.

The unit has 24 workers, its technical director, Mario Filiberto del Valle, who said that this collective ensures daily processed several lines of extracts of plants and honey bee, such as syrups and tinctures, lotions, among others.

Raw materials supplied by entities of the Ministry of Agriculture are distributed in more than 30 establishments with clinics, herbal medicine, bee-derived products, homeopathic and flower essence therapy.

In the opinion of the interviewee, it is essential to achieve greater availability of petroleum jelly, the merbromin, the solid petrolatum, glycerin and other essential chemical components in the production of creams and ointments; if it is taken into account that the latter sometimes have low availability in the network of pharmacies.

With quality and safety standards required, the Center for the Production of Natural Medicines also plans to respond to the growing demand for products made with aloe or aloe vera, lime, passionflower, kidney, oregano and French male pine.

Data supplied by that source that the Camagüey province last year achieved a record production of five million vials of natural and traditional medicines, and for the current 2018 is expected to exceed that figure if the raw materials arrive on time and with the required quality.

Carmen Marrero Sosa, worker of the center for more than a decade, stated that she is aware of the work performed and is proud to contribute to the products with the presentation at the hands of the patients.

With the promotion of Natural and Traditional Medicine is given 134 compliance to the guidelines approved by the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.

In this way, it stimulates the development of this service as demanded by the population, and of proven effectiveness in clinics of the family physician, polyclinics, community mental health institutions and rehabilitation rooms.