GUÁIMARO, CAMAGÜEY.- The nature has showed to the stockbreeders of Camagüey the best of its smiles in this 2018, it is enough to go out of the city to see that the Camagüey´s flatness is grown green again and the cattle recover from the ravages of the drought of last year. Natural propulsion that will not be sufficient to do a successful dairy harvest season without the determination and the demand of the producers of the territory, both state and private producers.

In the provincial plenary session of beginning of the dairy harvest season, which coincided with the assets of 25 millionaire units with the milk contribution, done the eve in Guáimaro, one spoke of exploiting all the potentialities and of the necessary commitment of the Camagüey´s stockbreeders so that in the productive peak, marked between May and October, there are delivered to the industry, 400 thousand daily liters, 25 thousand more of the agreed for the current contest.

Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, the First Secretary of the Party in Camagüey emphasized the need to involve more than 5 000 owners of animals, who do not possess grounds, and who today do not contribute even a single liter of milk. He insisted also on the role that they have to redeem the direction of the Agriculture and the Association of Small Farmers in the attention to peasants and producers, in direct exchanges in farms and dairies.

Another topic extensively debated was the quality of the milk, and all the factors that influence this aspect, which there go from the peasant who milks and the conditions in the centers of gathering, like the handling in the cars pips of the Milk Company that move the liquid up to the industry.

The current conditions of the ways there was other of the analyzed topics. On this matter Tapia Fonseca aimed that it is necessary that the Agriculture and the local governments look for alternatives to improve as far as possible the routes of communication, essential in the transport.

The dairy harvest season in Camagüey is strategic for the country, since of this territory it goes out 27,4 per cent of this product that is gathered in Cuba, and one of its fundamental destinations is the factory of Powdered milk, which helps to replace the import of the necessary and costly product.

Before to the provincial plenary session of beginning of the dairy harvest season the Secretary of the Party along with managers of the territory did a trip for the farm of the individual producer Armando Hernández with the Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS) Armando Cardoso, where a team of mechanical milking settled recently.

In addition, an exhibition of agricultural machinery was done and a competition of double milking, where they took part cattle of the municipalities of Jimaguayú, Guáimaro and Najasa. The winning cow with little more than 16 liters, was Mariela belonging to the Genetic Company Rescate de Sanguily of the municipality Jimaguayú. More than 170 liters of milk that were gathered during the competition were delivered to institutions of health of this municipality. To the closing, the best individual producers and most outstanding collective from January until May were stimulated.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez