SIBANICÚ,CAMAGÜEY.-The workers of sugar mill Siboney, in Sibanicú, set on themselves to the climatic adversities and with their own sugarcane and of other plantations of the province, fulfilled for sixteenth occasion the plan of sugar, the only factory of Camagüey that achieved it.

This group prepared more than 15 767 tons in the direction of the familiar basket; production sustained in a few repairs of stable quality, despite the entry to the dumper truck of high levels of strange matters and deficient canes in sucrose because of excess of drought first and too many rain finally.

The "siboneyes" are traditional reliable persons and top producers in the majority of the sugar cane harvest in the country. They have us used to the achievement of labor deeds, since even with the roofs damaged by hurricanes like Ike, its machines were ready for the grinding, example that must be followed by its industrial counterparts of Camagüey.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez