CAMAGÜEY .- Special morning, games of participation, pioneer contests, camped, meetings with the History and other initiatives stands out among the actions that opened today in the educational centers of this province, concerning the International Day of the Infancy.

Yordislán González Ledesma, president of the Pioneers' Organization José Martí (OPJM) in territory of Camagüey, recounted that the principal objective of this celebration is to come to every place where there is a child, to the hearths for children without subsidiary cover, to rural communities, hospitals and centers welfare others.

In this sense, the juvenile leader added that the day of this Friday Eduardo Agramonte Piña is tinted by diverse artistic and recreational proposals for the enjoyment of the children joined the pediatric hospital, in the city of Camagüey.

Also, in every cadre of the demarcation there develop multiple initiatives, which among its motivations stand out the anniversary 57 of the OPJM, 56 of the Union of Communist Young people and the closing of the current teaching calendar.

Owing to the international Day of the Infancy- date that in 1956 the General Assembly of the Organization of United Nations decided will be celebrated every June 1st - there takes place in Camagüey a wide day, which ratifies the worry of the Cuban State for the well-being, the brotherhood and the rights of the children and girls.

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