CAMAGÜEY.- At seven o'clock in the morning of this Thursday, Camagüey, the province with more reservoirs in the country and second in capacity of water restrained after Sancti Spíritus, kept an entire filling superior to 87 %, with 24 preys relieving, all under a systematical control facing the floods danger for the continuity of the rain, which in the evening of yesterday fell down again on saturated soil.

The engineer Gustavo Riesco López, the director of the Company of Hydraulic Use of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH) in the territory, informed the maximum political and governmental authorities the regulation measurements to avoid surprising floods for extreme precipitations, like the happened one in the provincial south basin, where in less than six hours the reservoir Najasa II exceeded in more than 13 million cubic meters (MM3) of water its levels and was necessary to provoke a gradual expense to avoid floods stream wise, and in this moment - he made sure - that this reservoir of 82 millions · reserves liquid below its capacity, given the risk of five future months of spring.

In the south also the reservoirs Jía and San Pedro relieve their remaining waters and Jimaguayú, Camagüey´s biggest reservoir in the municipality of Vertientes, it is on the point of overflowing, as Muñoz, in Florida, superficial sources that are constantly watched to avoid floods.

The reservoir El Porvenir, of Esmeralda, and second in capacity of the province evacuates over its 171,5 millions, and although its water is covered towards sugar plantation plans of Manga Larga and Primero de Enero, in Ciego de Ávila, the authorities of the municipality of Camagüey are alert, in case of intense rains, to evacuate the bordering population of San Juan de Dios, and the Tabor settlement.

According to the manager of the INRH, Riesco López, also they carry to extremes the alertness with the reservoir Tínima, who in this moments relieves and sends its water expenses towards the river of equal name and they are useful to clean of obstacles the channel covered in thestream of the University of Medical sciences.

Others of the reservoirs that spill its residues are Máximo, the Cuban Hydraulic, Hidrorregulador Las Flores, Atalaya, Montecito, Jucaral, in the provincial north, as the principal source of supply of the city of Camagüey, the Cuban - Bulgarian only accumulates 68,5 % of its capacity of filling and the Mañana de Santa Ana, in the east of Camagüey, restrains scarcely 20 MM3 of possible 38,1 millions.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez